Saturday, April 6, 2013


Inclusive Orthodox Church

Most Rev. Daniel J. Dahl, EOMC, DD
First Hierarch & Apostolic President

Paschal Letter 2013

Christ is Risen, receive His Blessings!

Easter is when the People of God recall the central mystery of the Christian faith – the Resurrection of the Glorified Body united with the Spirit of God in Jesus Christ.

We have much to pray for at this time of commemorating the Risen Christ. First of all we pray for World Peace and petition God’s angels to guide and watch over, in particular at this time, the Middle East and the Koreas.

We also pray in thanks to the Holy Spirit for bringing to Christendom a new spiritual leader, Francis, the Bishop of Rome and Patriarch of the West. We, among our group hold Pope Francis as the Church’s first member in Christ’s choir on Earth [protocoryphaeus].

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew immediately recognized this fact for the first time since the Church of Christ divided, East and West, by immediately joining the Holy Father Francis in Rome at his installation. Francis is returning hope to Christians.

May our faith and trust in the Resurrection of Life, as testified in the Risen Christ, bring all of us into the fullness of physical perfection and create within each one that complete spiritual maturity and joy which are hallmarks of the People of God.

In the Light of the Risen Christ,

+ Daniel of Mount Carmel

First Hierarch / Bishop of the Inclusive Orthodox Church